The Relational Database for Big Data

JustOneDB is a new class of database – a NewSQL database that feels like a traditional relational database yet performs and adapts to change like no other.

The likelihood is that your application is best suited to a relational database – most are. But with exploding data volumes driving spiraling hardware and software license costs, the options for keeping pace with the tsunami of data are daunting.

JustOneDB removes all of that pain. It can handle the biggest data volumes today but at a fraction of the cost and complexity of alternative solutions.

Fast Facts
Fully-functional relational database
– SQL99 compliant
– Fully transactional
– PostgreSQL compatible
– Industry standard interfaces for BI tools and languages
– No need to design indexes, partitions for query performance
– No need for schema transformations
– Very fast row inserts
– Index-like query performance
– Concurrent updates and queries
– Can use DAS, NAS and SAN storage
– Supports stored procedures

Performance per SATA HDD and 3GHz CPU
– Insert up to 500,000 column values per second
– Eliminate up to 1 billion rows per second for selective queries

– Up to 65535 tables per database
– Up to 1024 columns per table
– Up to 65535 bytes per text value
– Number values +/- 10
75 at up to 512 bit precision

Release 1.1 has the following temporary limitations that will be removed in future releases
– Analytical queries currently use conventional join strategies and row aggregation and perform similarly to a fully indexed row store

– Features not currently supported:
– Triggers
– Save-points
– Unique and key constraints
– Text search
– Spatial search
– Object extensions


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