RavenDB is a transactional, open-source Document Database written in .NET, offering a flexible data model designed to address requirements coming from real-world systems.

RavenDB allows you to build high-performance, low-latency applications quickly and efficiently.


– Safe by default

Based on years of experience with real, live enterprise systems, RavenDB is built to ensure data access is done right. No locking, no abuse of network or system resources. With RavenDB your application is guarateed to be as fast as and reliable as it gets.

– Transactional

ACID transactions are fully supported, even between different nodes. If you put data in, it is going to stay there. We care about your data and we keep it safe.

– Scalable

Sharding, replication and multi-tenancy are supported out-of-the-box. Scaling out is as easy as it gets.

– Schema free

Forget about tables, rows, mappings or complex data-layers. RavenDB is a document-oriented database you can just dump all your objects into.

– Get running in 5 minutes

5 minutes, that’s all it takes to start using RavenDB. Designed not to get in your way, RavenDB requires no complex installation process, just download and run. Check out our Quickstart Tutorials

It Just Works

Stop fighting the database and get ready to go into a world full of fun, with a database that cares. The fluent and intuitive API makes building data backed applications a breeze. As a guideline, zero-administration is required to the server. Just unzip, run and start writing code.

Fast queries

RavenDB can satisfy any query in the speed of light, as no processing whatsoever is being made to satisfy queries. All indexing operations are done in the background, and have no effect on querying, writing or reading from the database.

Best practices built in

Enjoy working with the bleeding edge of modern software development, using friction-free methodolgies.

High performance

RavenDB is a very fast persistence layer for every type of data model. Skip creating complicated mapping or multi-layer DALs, just persist your entities. It Just Works, and it does the Right Thing.

Caching built in

Multiple level of caches operate automatically both on the server and on the client by default, transparently. Yet, caching is completely configurable and advanced modes like Aggressive Caching exist.


Access RavenDB from any language and technology. Client / Server communication is done via REST over HTTP, and client APIs for .NET (including Linq and F# support), Silverlight and Javascript

Built-in management studio

Easily manage your database and data using the graphical UI bundled with every instance of RavenDB server.

Carefully designed

Every bit of code was carefully considered. RavenDB was designed with best-practices in mind, and it ensures that everything Just Works.

Map / Reduce

Indexes are defined using easy to write Map/Reduce functions written in Linq syntax. By supporting concepts like multi-maps and boosting indexes are so simple to write, yet very powerful.

Feature rich and extensible

Built with extensibility in mind, RavenDB can be easily extended both on the client and the server. Many integration points ensure you can always squeeze more out of RavenDB. You aren’t shackled to a One Size Fits None solution.


RavenDB can be embedded in any .NET application, making it a perfect fit also for desktop applications.


RavenDB ships with server-side plugins extending it in various helpful ways. It is just a matter of dropping a DLL to the server folder.

Index replication to SQL

To allow you to take advantage of the reporting tools available in the relational world, RavenDB allows you to easily replicate indexes to SQL tables.

Full-text search built in

No need to plug in any external tool to support advanced searches on text fields. Full-text searches are supported out of the box by the server and the client API.

Advanced search techniques

The built-in full-text search engine (Lucene) allows RavenDB to support a lot of other cool stuff, including and not limited to:

Geo-spatial search support

Out of the box, with easy to use API

Easy backups

Make backups asynchronously, without disturbing the normal DB operations. Backup and Restore are both supported by the DB, a utility tool to make the process even easier is bundled with the server.


Host multiple databases in one RavenDB server.


RavenDB supports storing data streams that are not actual data, like images and other binary data you don’t want to store as a document but still want available.

Online Index Rebuilds

Indexes are updated in the background, without requiring any interaction from the user or the normal ACID operation of the database.

Fully async (C# 5 ready)

RavenDB already supports the brand new async API intruced by C# 5


RavenDB enjoys a great and supportive community you can meet in the mailing list and on JabbR.

Cloud hosting available

No need to host the server yourself. Run RavenDB on the cloud with RavenHQ, CloudBird, AppHarbor or Windows Azure.


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