Linking folder on a path with Dropbox path

If there is folder, i.e. game save folder or sth. that you can’t move under Dropbox folder to continue working, then you can link a folder with dropbox folder to be in sync.

In windows there is a command named ‘mklink’ that enables linking folders.

Here is the usage

mklink [[/d] | [/h] | [/j]] <Link> <Target>

For example to link a game save folder with your dropbox folder:

mklink /D “C:\Users\username\Dropbox\games\My Favourite Game\” “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\My Favourite Game\saves\”

This way your files will be always synced and also versioned with dropbox.

Note: Make sure “C:\Users\username\Dropbox\games\My Favourite Game\” folder does not exist, to allow mklink to create.

Note 2: If you get “Access Denied” error, try opening command prompt with Administrator rights.


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